WIL Myth: No Support from Parents & In-Laws For Women

In a recently concluded leadership initiative for women in a leading Insurance company, I was happily surprised to see a major shift in the thinking patterns of the participants, towards support to make their careers a reality.  All the participants chosen were high potential talent being groomed for future leadership positions.

The aspect that struck me most was the appreciation and respect being expressed towards in- laws and parents.  All of them had unanimously agreed that if had it not been for the massive support they were getting from these quarters, they would not have been able to pursue their careers.

All the success stories they shared bordered on how their parents / in- laws not only support them in day to day issues, but also pushed them to take outstation assignments, challenging new roles.

Interestingly most of these young achievers were comfortable and happy with a family set up which included living with extended family.

The era of the perennial saas-bahu conflicts, seemed near an end.

And now for the amazing twist in the take: They honestly accepted  the fact that more often than not they themselves were reluctant and not willing to reach higher, even after being assured of full support.

Their challenges were more to do with the self:  inability to skill up due to the dual role, a lack of willingness to take risks and overturn the apple cart and not having a clear vision or dream for self.

However, one area still considered a thorn in the flesh is adequate support from the spouse.

So now the real question is, while parents & in laws are accepting and supporting the dual role of women in the current scenario, are the partners keeping pace?

Myth Busted.

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