Building the Women Leadership Pipeline in the Manufacturing Industry – MJ Abraham MD at SEW-EURODRIVE

On the topic of women in board positions in the manufacturing industry in India, I am reminded of an interview I saw with Chanda Kochar on TV. When asked why there were so many women leading Indian banks she said the explanation as she saw it was very simple. There were a lot more women of her generation who joined banks as compared to other businesses. More of them at the input stage meant there were more at the top 30 years later.

When I graduated from engineering college 26 years ago, if I added up all the graduates from mechanical engineering from 4 batches senior to me to 4 batches junior to me there were about 500 of us and 2 women. Both went on to other things. I think the situation is not very different now though I could be wrong. In order for women to be in board positions its important to pick up subjects like Mechanical Engineering.

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