He Speaks: Mr. Janardan Prasad, Co-Founder, Autowale.in on Creating Gender Balanced Workforces


In your understanding, what do women bring to the table that is both unique & different? J: Women have an ability to organise things, better time commitments, extremely friendly and  the way they structure the team is quite commendable. Men have a one-man show approach but women have a more wholesome thought process.

What would you say would be the impact of having more women in organisations?

J: I would like to make a small correction. Organisations having equilibrium would do better than organisations with higher ratios of either sex. However, I have noticed that organisations with more women, are well structured, organised and their boundaries were very well defined.

Any examples you could share?

J: My experience with NGO’s would be an example. Wherever there were more women, maybe due to passion or a sense of cause, I have seen their work delivering more impact than others.

A women role model you admire?

J: I have been closely associated with an NGO called Doorstep School  founded by Mrs. Rajani Paranjpe out of a passion for children and education. She is one amazing woman who can teach, a lot of other women and men, how to lead. I have personally worked with her and seen the way that she inspires others and carries out her work.

What practices today inhibit the way to a balanced work culture?

J: There is a thin line between constraints and carrying out biased practices. An example being, we have to be careful that women are not assigned to late shifts as it would be unsafe for women to travel late at night. The safety of a woman is a constraint, but not hiring women for this reason is a bias. In interviews, managers feel that a women would not have as high a commitment as a man due to responsibilities in her personal life eg: marriage, children, home affairs etc. Again, these are constraints, but it should not lead to unfair practices. I know a lot of female entrepreneurs who run various successful businesses. In our discussions they talk about their experiences with investors. The investors or VCs exhibit biases about their commitment and that makes them uncomfortable.

Any personal mantra that you believe would work for women in any situation?

J: Passion w/o Emotion would make situation better in corporate life. Its true for both the genders, not just women. The moment you bring emotions, professionalism gets compromised. We all should leave emotions at home and come to work with passion & purpose. If entire team does that, then results are better w/o any scope of bias and competition with respect to gender.

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