One Reason Why Positive Conversations are a Life Giving Force!!

A few years back, my dad and I were having a difficult conversation over my way forward in life.  I had hit a rut and it was time for a ‘serious conversation’.

As he started sharing his observations about my life, I found myself growing angrier as time passed by. The conversation ended in a shouting match and it ended with a slammed phone.

In retrospect, there was nothing wrong with what he said. His content and observations were spot on, but there was something about ‘the way’ he said it that altered my mood and behaviour.

In the light of creating engaging cultures, conversations have become ‘culture catalysts’. It is a process of listening and talking in equal degrees, of sharing ideas and learning from one another.

However, HOW we have conversation plays an important role in creating the organisations culture.

Take a moment. Imagine a time in your professional life where a manager gave either you or your co-worker some feedback in a loud, abrasive manner. How did that conversation affect the employee (or yourself) or the environment of the department?

In the article, ‘The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversation’, the Glasers state that ‘Chemistry plays a big role’. Positive and negative conversations are linked with hormonal changes in our body and it affects our C.I – Conversational Intelligence.

The link to the article is as follows: The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations

I believe it’s very true, and my proof lies with how conversations with my dad have changed drastically. We introduced one simple rule before we talk about anything ‘difficult’ – we appreciate one another.

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