Just Do It!

How many times have you wanted to do something but have your mind get wrapped up in excuses to NOT do it?

The answer is a LOT. At least I do it every time.  I always plan to do something but end up with lists of excuses like the Perfect Time, Job, Expenses, Fear of taking risk, etc.

I guess that there will never be a Good, Right or a Perfect time to have fun, to be happy or to do what you want to do. I often wonder that if I hadn’t made these excuses, what could I have accomplished?  I believe that I would have done some of those things which I have always loved or simply wanted to learn, and found happiness in the same.

However, I would like to make a change today. I have often planned to learn to swim but have always been held back by my excuses. Not anymore! I look forward to become an underwater sea diver.

Where did this inspiration to change come from?

 It’s because of Colin and Peter whose story has inspired me to JUST DO IT! It is a lesson from a bestseller book HAPPINESS NOW by Andrew Matthews. I am glad that I found it and wish to share it in a hope that this will inspire you…

Happy Reading!!

 A chapter from Success Strategies- What to do now


Recently my friend Colin Martin hopped on a bicycle and rode across North America. Vancouver to New York, 7136 Kilometers… just for the fun of it.

He had plenty of excuses NOT to do it:

a).    It wasn’t cheap. He had to fly to America. He had to quit work for 2 months

b).    It wasn’t convenient. He has three young children

c).    He was 53

But Colin says: “No time is a perfect time. If you really want to do something, you have to put the time aside, and then just do it.”


Peter Manuel is the principal at my old school, Victor Harbor High. Aged 18, Peter decided to learn a new skill each year of his life.

He is now 62. He has learned carpentry, pottery, tried drama, painted watercolors, learned some German, studied plastics, learned how to lay bricks…

Says Peter: “That decision changed my life. At some things, like piano, I was terrible – but I had fun trying!”

If there is something you really want to do, no time will ever be perfect.

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