We Are The City -WATC (Website for Women)

WATC India is a website that is specifically meant for women that work in the city.

It aims to be a centralised hub for all the women networks in the city. They provide a wealth of  development articles and a centralised calendar of events for women. It has thousands of members across India and the UK and their membership is constantly growing at a staggering rate.

It has definitely become our favourite spot to learn about some amazing people and finding opportunities to connect with them.

Kudos to the Caroline Graham (the editor of the Indian edition) for her wonderful efforts!

This week WATC India carries an article on Tatvã’s very own, Kuku Singh under the Inspirational Women Section.

Click here for the website: www.wearethecity.in

Click here for the article: Inspirational Women – Kuku Singh

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