As the lead for Diversity & Inclusion at Tatvã, I’ve had many opportunities to work with women from the industry, both in the space of Developing Women Leadership Talent as well as interacting with some of the successful role models.

One aspect that stands out strongly is the fact that regardless of age, hierarchy, or background there are some common challenges that women as a group face. The more successful women have been able to transcend them while a large number of us are juggling around them.

 I am listing a few of the major challenges from the data I have collected over the year:

  • Dual-role Syndrome: Managing both work and home, and deciding on conflicting priorities – often resulting in stress at both ends
  • Imposter Syndrome: Inability to acknowledge personal accomplishments from a space of self-pride
  • Courage: Taking up challenging positions like sitting at the decision making table
  • Aspirational Climb: Stunted professional growth due to inability to manage priorities, and set time aside for personal development
  • Often giving up without trying enough and falling in the trap of excuses versus generating solutions, seeking help, thinking possibilities etc.

In fact, I say this out of personal experience – When I was about to get married and was unable to get a transfer, it took me only one day of pondering before I decided to quit and move to a new city to find another opportunity. Now when I look back I realize how hasty a decision and how big a mistake it was to give up a role which gave me an immense sense of satisfaction… “So don’t leave before you really have to”.

I am glad that today, though after a long wait, I am working in a setup which gives me an opportunity to work with like-minded people; thus allowing me to build on my own career and life aspirations.

I want to share a few lines with all of you……..

Now…is your chance

Take control of the driving wheel…

Accelerate and pick up speed…

Honk if people don’t make way for you…

Take your team, friends and family along…

Enjoy the journey and celebrate the milestones…

Do whatever it takes, But DON’T STOP

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