What Should A Leader Know About Social Media?

Few domains in business and society have been untouched by the emerging social-media revolution—one that is not even a decade old. In today’s world, capitalizing on the transformational power of social media while mitigating its risks calls for a new type of leader. The dynamics of social media amplify the need for qualities that have long been a staple of effective leadership, such as strategic creativity, authentic communication, and the ability to deal with a corporation’s social and political dynamics and to design an agile and responsive organization.

Leaders must cultivate a new, technologically linked social infrastructure that by design promotes constant interaction across physical and geographical boundaries, as well as self-organized discourse and exchange. Here are some tips a leader needs to follow to stay on top of social media.

  • The leader as producer: Create compelling content
  • The leader as distributor: Leverage dissemination dynamics
  • The leader as recipient: Manage communication overflow
  • The leader as adviser and orchestrator: Drive strategic social-media utilization
  • The leader as architect: Create an enabling organizational infrastructure
  • The leader as analyst: Stay ahead of the curve




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