Most of us believe that feminine energy is unique to the female form; Interestingly that is the half truth

This week the world celebrated Women’s Day  to acknowledge and pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of women across the globe. The celebrations are intended to reignite the spirit of inspiration in others.

I personally feel it is great day to honour & acknowledge the feminine energy. Most of us believe that feminine energy is unique to the female form; interestingly that is the half truth.

Masculine energy is the power which helps create control, order, structure and is associated with the head;

Feminine energy has a direct connect with the heart and thrives in intangibles like love, intimacy, spiritual connections, creativity, and meaningful purpose.

The masculine energy brings order into our lives; the feminine energy thrives in chaos and seeds the creation of future processes like networks, ecologies in nature, heterarchies.

While being diagrammatically different in spirit, men and women both have the two energies. However because of traditional stereotyping of roles, both men & women tend to display more of the energy related to their form.

Interestingly women themselves are reluctant at times to honor this energy & credit it for their success. This is because history has labelled the masculine energy of action as the core ingredient in the recipe of success.

Collective wisdom of the new world states that if we want to create a brighter future for generations to come, we need BOTH these energies to interweave playfully and effortlessly, so as to create a magical balance.

I feel women’s day is one great step to remind us to nurture the difference harness the difference, without feeling apologetic or inferior. This will not happen if we remember feminine energy only on 8th March through tokenism, but when we commit to making conscious chooses to remain in BALANCE 24X7.

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