Women’s Special: Insurance Sector

Almost all companies report that women outdo men in performance in the Insurance sector. Tabulated research also reinforces this.

If you reflect on this, it is not difficult to understand why.

Insurance is associated with “Protection” “Safety” “Security” of loved ones or loved goods. There is some amount of emotions involved, and when a seller is able to connect with that emotion on a foundation of empathy, trust, goodwill, listening a relationship develops. Women are able to forge this relationship faster than men, because they are more easily trusted.

The reality in organisation is that even though these are innate strengths of women, they are reluctant to choose a sales stream as a career choice. There are many reasons for this:

  • Reluctance of parents etc. to allow women members to pursue this stream, because of the erratic timings of sales calls
  • The perception that this role lacks “Humane” touch and the focus is only on targets
  • Fair number of women who opt for this role in the early stages of their career, but after a couple of years out or choose another industry

To change this reality it is necessary to create a critical mass of women leaders in decision making positions, who will work on changing the processes to become more women friendly.

The Insurance industry being aware of this untapped potential is pioneering the women development initiatives with sincerity & intent.

Interestingly almost sixty percent of our women leadership initiatives are from the insurance sector.

It is important that women themselves understand this opportunity for a racy career progression and choose the service sectors to materialise their dreams & aspirations.

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