Inclusive Organisations

The Inclusive Leadership style has emerged in leadership forums as a well understood term over the last five years. The shift that is currently being witnesses is the understanding that this type of leadership has to be practiced at individual & collective levels to reap the fruits of inclusivity. To enable this companies have started to take proactive steps to rename networks as Inclusive Leadership networks and announce company wide inclusivity initiatives

A quick look at what is the genesis of this need: DIVERSITY – of markets- customers- talent”. Today content narratives are woven around the ability to make rapid adjustments in a very volatile & changing environment. This can happen if we are well trained to embrace the spirit of inclusivity.

The pillars for inclusivity are:

  • Collaboration – redefine lose & win
  • Cultural intelligence – it’s important to be embedded in other peoples cultures to really know
  • Listen to different viewpoints from a diagrammatically opposite lens
  • Commitment & Courage – this is a difficult cause and it’s easy to fall back to easy options
  • Beyond Biases of all kinds
  • Curiosity – to want to know more
  • Empathy – see & hear from another side
  • Embrace Connectivity

The real test to inclusivity would mean that we would accept ANYBODY who is technically competent.

The question is “are we there”

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