People buy into the brand you are

One of the most important needs perceived by the young people today is to build a personal brand. This is seen as a prerequisite for career enhancement.  Each of us is a brand, some of us know it, and most of us don’t.  A brand is the perception people have of you and this perception matters.  Irrespective of  who you are and where you work, there is a core fact  – you create ripples through your words- actions – decisions  and these ripples silently builds your brand daily. It is common sense then that we should be consciously creating positive ripples.

While most personal branding articles enlighten us on the why – how – what of doing this on the digital platforms, I am going to focus on the deeper internal aspects: People first buy into you before they buy from you

To save a beautiful dying tree you cannot paint its leaves green, you have to work on the roots. In the same way your roots need to be very strong to sustain a strong brand called ME. I believe our roots are our Attitudes- Values – Beliefs i.e. our TATVA (core)

A strong brand helps us to influence and great leaders have influenced through:

  • Insane work ethics
  • Going beyond, using your discretionary effort to deliver the best you can
  • Alignment of thoughts, actions & promises
  • Passion
  • Authenticity & genuineness

Now ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Are you known in your professional community
  2. Do you come in the minds of decision makers, when there is an opportunity
  3. Do you have Referent Power

If the answers are yes, continue doing what you are doing at the inner & outer levels, if you feel there is room for action – nurture, revisit, tend the roots and be prepared to be surprised.

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