“The art of straight talking”

As a leader it is important that your managers are able to table & resolve issues openly & honestly. However, in reality this is an exception and not the norm. Typically, issues are swept under the carpet, as we are not confident of handling them without the relationship being impacted
The long term solution is creating a trusting- safe- inclusive environment, which in turn will facilitate a culture of straight talking. In addition, it is important to learn the magical techniques of:
Reframing: helps to recreate a safer conversation space. If a problem gets stuck in its current “avtaar” reframe the issue, this will help to relook at it from a different lens.
“I am not sure we are going to be able to move ahead on this … both the teams are making so many mistakes”
Yes I agree we are making a lot of mistakes and you are concerned about it. However, there is a possibility that with this experimentation that the teams are doing, we may find a break through solution”
Normally reframing makes people feel less threatened and safer. Reframe by highlighting the commonalties and the positive elements. This will re-open the window for communication
Refocusing- enables us to move from the granular minors to a larger purpose. Defocussing from the negative to a more positive space is empowering
“Our team is very concerned because we feel that you are not prioritising, as per business needs and spend so much time on smaller issues at the cost of bigger things “
“While we can see that your team is very clued on to details & perfection, it would be great if you all could bring your expertise to some of the other challenging areas too “
Your awareness of changing your communication to redirect – rephrase or refocus will become a natural way of life, once you take the plunge to table issues with a confidence to move ahead

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