My Experience on Women Employee Development Program SAKSHI … By Priya Rajesh

We know we are making a difference and adding value when participants share how they applied the learnings to real life challenges.
Priya Rajesh, Product Marketing Manager at Atlas Copco, shares her experience for the Company magazine. We bring her version for all our readers

My Experience on Women Employee Development Program SAKSHI … By Priya Rajesh

Inorder to nurture women employees to take up leadership roles, Atlas Copco has initiated a wonderful program called “SAKSHI – Women Employee Development Program”. I was privileged to attend this 3 days training program from July 25th till 27th, 2016.
This was one of the best training programs I have attended.
Why was it so special? This training happened almost 7 months after my re-joining from maternity leave. I was completely perplexed and anxious on how to take my career forward. Having a travelling job profile, I was unable to travel because of my small baby. Several questions used to pop up in mind whether to change my role, change company, how to grow, how to manage home and travel….etc. This programme helped me in answering most of my queries and I came back with a clear action plan.

Training program was conducted by Tatva Leadership and Mr Himanshu Shekhar was our trainer. Three days were planned in a systematic manner.
First Day started with an interesting analysis that only 2% out of 40% women graduates manage to become CEO’s. This was an eye opener for all attendees. We also discussed about “what is holding women back”, strength & challenges, confidence and self-esteem, understanding difference in job, career and leadership roles….
Second day was more focussed on individual development. We discussed about working through my fears and apprehension, Assertive communication, Stereotyping, Networking and visibility.
Third day started with image consultant Ms Vasundhara who guided us on professionalism and power dressing. This was followed by a session on influencing skills, work life balance and personal action plan by Ms Kajal Mullapudi

My key take aways were:
1. Charting my career path – biggest realisation was “Nobody is going to carve a career path for you”.
2. Guilt Management – being mother of two kids, guilt management was the biggest challenge. Now I always remember “ Guilt Management can be just as important as time management”
3. Johari Window – Networking with right people was the area for improvement identified through this exercise. In order to improve networking, I applied to be a part women networking team of Atlas Copco “Pleiades” and now working as an active member of Pleiades India Board.
4. Innovative ideas/ initiatives – Designation is not a hindrance to implement innovative ideas. My initiative on online sales (selling Chicago Pneumatic Tools on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Industry Buying) was well appreciated and other business areas also copied this concept.

Two years down the line, I feel more confident as an employee who can contribute to Atlas Copco mission and goals. Though I have a long way to go in Atlas Copco, I moved to new position of Product Marketing Manager in Nov 2017. Last but not least I started travelling again and developed a support system to manage home.

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