Women’s Day – Changing Story

As the women’s day approaches the buzz around what to do on that day has increased.

As a consultant who is viewing this from the other side, I see a major shift in the way D&I & Leadership teams are approaching this day.

Typically, in the past the focus would be on ENTERTAINMENT & making women FEEL GOOD through consumption – be it food, gifts, dance & music. Today it’s not about women just feeling good, but more about men & women participating to add value, through meaningful conversations, sessions, workshops around topics like: Stagnation of women at the Middle Management level – Balancing for Career Growth – More women in Leadership positions etc.

While it is true that the latest statistics and percentages do not report quantum shifts upwards, I believe the moving away from stereotype thinking is a very positive step.

Kudos to all organisations who are spearheading movement towards this direction.

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