The Art of Letting Go

As we step into a new financial year with New Dreams, Goals & Aspirations… Let us remember that our success will be directly linked to our ability to delegate and let go. Let us...


Poem: Yet

********************************************************************************************************************* Had I known, instead I would have returned plucked the memory put it aside its roots destroyed; yet when it rains the plucked roots grow and I Remember You. *********************************************************************************************************************


Theatre Methodology

When you think of theatre, the imagery that plays out is: Stage: Actors: Fun: Intense: Entertainment. We typically do not associate theatre as a methodology for a professional learning session. Well, that is far...


VUCA Effect

With Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity (VUCA) being a way of life, it is important for managers to bring tectonic shifts in the way they set goals and engage millennial workforce keeping this dimension...


What Should A Leader Know About Social Media?

Few domains in business and society have been untouched by the emerging social-media revolution—one that is not even a decade old. In today’s world, capitalizing on the transformational power of social media while mitigating its...


My Climate v/s Your Climate

We have these words thrown about in articles, #leaderspeak, workshops etc. – Organisational climate, office culture and so on. I really did not understand this until very recently when I heard a first-hand experience...