Tatvã Leadership and Management Services takes its name from the Sanskrit word Tatva (core/essence).

Focusing on Leadership Development, Inclusive Environments, Team Excellence & Women Leadership we catalyze organisations to unlock potential of their leaders, teams and environment to create greatness.

We believe that leadership is at the heart of everything we do, in thought, vision and deed. Leaders discover themselves through a journey of exploration and seeking within. Guided by the inner spiritual compass, they continually provoke themselves to be more fruitful & create engaging & inclusive environments which are the play grounds for individuals & teams to flourish.

We're a diverse team of Consultants and Facilitators who have designed and delivered leadership interventions for organisations for the last 25 years.
Our interventions are designed in the spirit of Wholeness thereby balancing the polarities with a result oriented approach.

Our content is researched, innovative & contemporary. We follow a robust sustainability process to impact results. We use a wide range of innovative methodologies like Theatre, Dance Therapy, Adventure; Storytelling etc along with the time tested experiential ones.

At Tatvã, we partner with our clients to co-create organisational Success stories