For Whom
All members of small – medium - large teams

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Fun

  • High Energy

  • Experience in handling large off-sites

Bonding for Togetherness

Our Equation: Bonding builds energy. The higher the bonding the higher the energy. The higher the energy the guarantee of a breakthrough.

Our very scientific 5 step process (straight from the Tatvã Lab)

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare the environment very carefully. Outdoors is optimum, however the reaction has proven to work indoors as well.

Step 2: Place

Place the non-bonded elements into the environment with a Tatvã catalyst.

Step 3: Heat up

Turn up the heat with fun experiential activities that activate the formation of bonds between subjects. Be careful, a commonly observed side-effect is extreme joy.

Step 4: Cool down

Allow for the bonds to solidify by cooling it down through a series of reflections on their experiences

Step 5: Test

The elements are now strongly bonded with a guarantee to create breakthroughs. Go ahead… test them out.