For Whom
Fresh joiners starting their career

Campus to Corporate


After countless cover letters, applications, interviews… young graduates finally land their first job. They are excited, enthusiastic and… worried. They have to cater to the organisational demand of becoming productive as soon as possible.

Often faced with new challenges and responsibilities, young entrants feel threatened & insure in the new environment.

We work with many organisations in making this transition from Campus to Corporate an easy one through our celebrated program: JumpStart

The program focusses on enabling participants imbibe professional values and implement strategies to become productive in a shorter period of time

What makes our program effective?

  • Customised to the organisations context

  • Consultants who relate to the Millennial mind-set

  • Exploration versus telling

  • Methodologies which appeal to younger minds: dance / music / storytelling / adventure

  • Advice from image consultants