Case Studies

Building a Pipeline of Women Leaders

Sector: Insurance Services

Size: Over 5000 employees

Region: India

The Need

Major research shows that women are successful in the insurance sector as insurance selling is done on elements of trust and goodwill.

While the ratio of number of women employees is healthy up to middle management levels, data showed that after a point they seem to either drop out or choose at this level. To have an edge over competition is important that women occupy decision making positions; however that is a possibility only when there is a healthy pipeline of talent available, currently that is not the reality

Our Approach

Step 1: Identification & selection of 20 out of the 50 identified talented women employees. The selection criteria were inner spirit, passion and a personal dream.

Step 2: Assessment / pre work around personal ambition and future dreams

Step 3: We designed a 6 month long modular programme whose focus was to “Build Leadership skills realise personal and professional dreams

Some of the topics covered included:

  • Aspirational Power: My Vision
  • Attitudes of Self Mastery
  • Breaking Self-limiting Beliefs
  • Managing Stereotyping & Perceptions of others
  • Building Executive Presence
  • Work Life Integration
  • Skills of Assertiveness, Strategic Thinking, People Enrolment & Engagement
  • Networking & Visibility
  • Practicing Leadership

Step 4: Action learning projects with a market focus were identified and the women participants executed these projects under the mentorship of a senior leader of the organisation

Step 5: Personal coaching sessions supported the journey: life, maternity & executive coaching was provided

Step 6: Formal review session of the action learning projects by the CEO and other members of the Management committee

Step 7: After the programme formal IDP’s have been developed and the implementation of the IDP is in progress. The participants are supported by an internal coach & their immediate line managers

The Success

Identification of 5 women leaders who showed the spark and talent to be groomed for leadership positions in the future

The Success factors:

  • Complete buy in of the CEO, Management Committee ,HR Director
  • The communication process: messages from the CEO posted on the website, standees in the corridors of the organisation emphasising the intention to have women Leaders and Why
  • The selection process

Probable Challenges:

  • The mind sets of some of the participants on how the eco system will not support their dreams
  • Sustainability of the initiative