Case Studies

Raising Awareness and Sensitisation around Inclusion for 500 Senior Leaders

Sector: Global Financial Services

Size: More than 6000

Region: India

The Need

The organisation had received a large number of complaints and escalations at its head office in areas of respect and equality. The culture needed to be more inclusive of the various kinds of diversity: generational, gender and cultural.

Our Approach

Step 1: Data Collection

  • 10 % of the population  was identified as sample
  • Multiple Focus Group Discussion across all levels of the organisation that covered topics around cultural, generational and gender diversity. Focus groups were male only/ female only & mixed
  • 1 on 1 conversations with some opinion makers, decision makers
  • The data collection was with respect to the success stories, bocks in the inclusive quotient & recommendations from the workforce

Step 2: Analysis of data and creation of theatre scenarios

  • Data was sliced and analysed using various techniques
  • Six common themes were evolved
  • Using actual Bespoke theatre scenarios were created

Step 3: Theatre based Workshop

500 senior managers went through the workshops, in batches of hundred per batch.  The intention of the workshops was to challenge mind-sets and help employees understand their role in building an inclusive workplace. Each Drama representation was followed with deep reflective and honest conversation around the topic. Trained facilitators facilitated the sessions based on the principals of unconscious biases the theatre was customised in the following manner:

  • Professional Actors from the TV industry were trained to perform
  • The Stage & get up represented the office setting in terms of furniture, clothes artifacts etc.
  • Each session ended with personal Action statements

Step 4: Sustainability

  • From the compiled list of personal action plans, the organisation choose 3 as the themes of the year
  • 40 line managers were further trained in unconscious biases with regard to Generation, Gender & Intra Cultural aspects
  • The consulting firm has a retainer ship contract to ensure that the action plans are monitored and tracked for results.

The Success

  • Awareness around topics which were considered as non-issues
  • Quick action by senior management to walk the talk around sensitive issues that surfaced in the data collection

Success factors:

  • Driven by the CEO
  • Engagement of the Management Committee
  • Capability to translate live data through a methodology which was hard hitting yet sensitive
  • The readiness of the organisation to allow a uncensored data collection & acceptance of the consultant’s report
  • Because there was a mix of presence across gender, generational & intra cultural elements, it allowed for open discussions where all sides could table their points of views


  • Resistance by some of the managers to accepting that the fact that the theatre representations were their organisational reality
  • Discomfort by different section to share some of the granular l details around what actually happens in the workplace. This was most evident with relation to topics like harassment of the opposite sex