Case Studies

Preparing the Preceptors of Diversity

Sector: Business Process Outsourcing

Size: More than 20,000

Region: India

The Challenge

In order to practice their agenda of creating a balanced workforce, the organisation found it imperative to create a diversity task force within their L&D team. The objective of the task force was to help women employees understand the ways to navigate the personal and professional maze to senior leadership positions.

Our Approach

Step 1: Creation of customised training tools

A set of well-researched and structured tools (designs, manual, role-plays/case lets) were created that would help the trainers carry out workshops related to empowering the women of their organisation

Step 2: Training the task force
A train the trainer program was rolled out which covered every aspect of the need for building women into leadership positions. The trainers were asked to conduct the sessions in partnership with our specialists to help closely understand the finer nuances of building women leadership pipelines.

The Success

Success factors:

  • The commitment and enthusiasm of the task force