CHINMAYEE - Heightened Consciousness

For Whom
Spirited & talented women with potential for Senior Leadership Roles

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Rooted in the spirit of feminine energy, to be balanced with masculine energy

  • Intense assessment

  • Integrated learning methodologies

  • Robust measurement indices for measuring impact

(Grooming talented women for Leadership positions)

Our flagship offering focuses on preparing & developing women managers to move to leadership positions in their career by realising their personal and professional dreams.

Our experience shows that there are many talented women in organisations who have stagnated at certain positions for personal or professional reasons. This intervention creates an enabling ground for their movement upwards.

The intervention is designed on a model of integrated learning techniques like Workshops / Sponsorship / Coaching / Action Learning Projects / Buddy learning / Visibility & Networking opportunities etc.

The intervention has a very robust selection process, and is only meant for women who have the spirit &ambition to move ahead.

We insist that top management & senior leaders are partners in this journey.