For Whom
Functional and departmental leaders

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Deep diagnosis to understand the core challenges / enablers / derailers

  • Spaced over a period of one year

  • Assessment of personal styles and behaviours

  • Master Class methodology: Choose the topics that matter

  • Caters to 50 people at a time

  • Internal and external coaching

Create Engaging Environments

Deep Dive

According to a study by Alan Saks (2005) at the Rotman School of Management, the following outcomes:

  • Job satisfaction

  • Organisational commitment

  • Reduction in turnover

  • Organisational citizenship behaviours

Is mediated by one factor: Employee Engagement.

This comes from the need of employees to be valued as a ‘person’ more than their skills and competencies. A new leadership priority is emerging, how to improve employee engagement in organisations.

The reality is that in most organisations - great employment policies exist. However there appears to be a gap in leadership capabilities to engage with the workforce and implement the policies.

Deep Dive is an intervention aimed at transforming the mind-sets and methods of your leaders into masters of engagement within their own departments and functions.

The intervention covers;

  • Mind-Sets: Unconscious Biases - Engagement Drivers – Millennial Mind-Set – Empathy- Trust

  • Skills: Listening- Difficult Conversations – Feedback Process

  • Direction: Goals – Measurement Process- Enablement

  • Performance: Enhancing Performance & Growth Trajectory