Building an Inclusive Culture

Building an Inclusive Culture
Creating Oneness with Unique Backgrounds

The larger objective of cultural diversity is on Building a culture which is open to embracing diversity of all kinds.We approach this as a change management initiative. We propose a three phase approach:

Phase I - Preparation

1. Senior Management Sensitization

Methodology: 'Strategic Debates' that get Executive Committee to spend time on conversations around 3 topics: WHY? WHAT? HOW? Of Diversity

A business case that lists out the business reasons for supporting Gender Diversity. The business case must focus on merits of expanding the talent pool and be connected to market reality.

2. Communication Strategy

A robust communication strategy which lays out aspects like frequency, mediums, collaterals, feedback systems etc. It is important to explain to the majority why the change is necessary.

Phase II - Designing Initiatives

1. Diversity Sensitization Awareness Workshops

These workshops will challenge mind-sets and help employees understand their role in building an inclusive workplace. The workshops will invite participation, encourage accountability and create a space to explore perceptions and attitudes around the following:
• Diversity & Inclusion – What’s it got to do with me?
• Unconscious biases / beliefs about men and women
• Ignorance and impact of prejudices & labelling
• Power of being in the majority
• Power of language In creating balance

Methodology: Interactive Theatre using the following salient features:

2. Line Manager Sensitization

• Workshops for line Managers (men & women) to imbibe tools and skills to model the new behaviours and work on personal blocks and biases

3. Career related Skill Development Workshops

• Inclusion and sensitization is not sustainable unless women develop skills related to career development. Our process focuses on supporting women to build professional skills to be at par with other colleagues.

Phase III - Sustainability

1. Identifying Champions

• One of the ways to sustain this initiative would be to identify champions, men & women who exhibit Gender equality.

2. Setting up informal Mentoring cells

3. Measurement

• Track Recruitment statistics
• Track attrition/ exit interviews
• Regular Review meetings with the Executive Committees
• Policy reviews and implementation through the lens of inclusion and diversity
• Pipeline Measures of mix of candidates/ fairness in offer rates/ joining ratios etc.