Identify, Nurture and Retain

Developing Leaders from Within
Identify, Nurture and Retain
Inspirational leaders spend a larger portion of their time helping team members discover / re-visit the deeper source of inspiration within themselves. When people discover their talents, skills and hidden resources, they are inspired to build new competencies and take on new challenges.

More and more research shows that the magic potion for engaging and retaining talent is supporting people to find purpose and meaning in their work.

We offer this programme for Senior and Middle Management.

The purpose of this programme is to train leaders in developing the skills and attitudes needed to nurture, develop and retain people.

Indicative contents:
  • Leader’s role in developing people and its benefits
  • Attitudes which make a difference: Appreciation, Recognition, Trust
  • Learning to Let go
  • Engagement and Enrolment strategies
  • People Development Methodologies: Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring
  • Situational Leadership Model

The implementation process for this programme would include Diagnostics, Live Sessions, Action Learning Projects, Reviews and Impact Measurement.