Evolving the Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion

For Whom

Top Management

We have witnessed a large number of high impact initiatives designed to seed the inclusive mind set peter out. When things don’t work the way we plan, we have a habit of looking for the ‘why’. After many conversations, we realised that one roadblock to impact was that line managers could not see the relevance to the work. Some of them classified it as a CSR agenda.

It is imperative that every strategy to embrace Diversity strategy flows out of a well-designed Business case. This must highlight the impact of diversity initiatives on achieving business goals. Furthermore, it should clearly outline the Scope, ROI, Accountabilities, and intended outcomes.

Whenever we have worked with organisations in uncovering the link between business results and Diversity initiatives, we have seen a clear shift from “good to do” to a clear business imperative.

If you believe that the time has come to find your ‘why’, then we will partner you through the following process to get there.

How does this work?

A strategic debate between peers who are key stakeholders in the organisation.

Spend time on the questions of Why? What? How?

Why: A discussion to align to a common understanding of diversity & inclusion and the impact on the business. We assure you, this one will get quite noisy!

What: Things get tangible here. Goals are identified and ratified by the group. The criteria - S.M.A.R.T & audacious.

How: The communication strategy. The process strategy. The guardians of the goals. Basically, how do we go from today to inclusive, and who is going to drive it