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Executive Coaching
Unleashing potential for the future
Executive Coaching is modelled on the leadership practice of bringing out the best performance by getting people to think deeper and sharper rather than providing them the answers and constant instruction.

This helps in building confidence and potential.

The salient features of our Coaching process are:
  • Wholistic: Head, Heart and Spirit integration and alignment
  • Reflection: Introspection and seeking within for unleashing potential for the future
  • Individual and Private
  • Measures tangible results linked with business
We offer two programmes in Executive Coaching:
  1. Individual Coaching
  2. Group and Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching

This process is completely customised to address the specific needs of the organisation and the individual.

The coaching process can add high value in situations where the individual is:
  • Preparing to move up the organisation
  • Has an increased leadership responsibility
  • Has a performance issue
  • Is facing a crisis situation
  • Is leading or participating in a change initiative
  • Wants to develop personal skills

Group and Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching combined with Group Sessions provides a cost effective way to enhance leadership competencies and management skills for Middle Level managers.

This method can be very effectively used during transition phases like moving from Managerial to Leadership positions or transitioning from one function to another.

The implementation process for both the options would include Assessments, Diagnostics, Coaching Conversations, Evolving Development Strategies, Shadowing, Video recording and Replay, Reviews and Impact Measurement.

This takes 6 – 8 months (12 bi-monthly sessions).