For Whom
Top / Senior decision makers

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Customised to the need

  • Facilitators with mastery in facilitating such sessions

  • Reflective / introspective sessions on current & future

Facilitating Strategic Off Sites

There is an old legend. Robert Bruce, the future king of scots was in the middle of a fierce war with the English. With a sure defeat in sight, the king took off in a retreat to a cave on Rathlin Island. There he encountered the infamous spider who was attempting to build a web. It tried and failed twice, but began again and succeeded on the third attempt. Inspired by the spider’s resilience, Bruce returned to inflict a series of defeats on the English, thus winning him more supporters and eventual victory.

Our lesson from this great story was that every leader needs an offsite. A cave where he / she can find a lesson to inspire him / her.

We create a safe space where honest and reflective conversations about the great, the good and the better can take place and creativity is unleashed.