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All teams which have representation of the generational diversity

Generational Diversity


Prime Zebra has a rich diversity of generational variety. The company has a good representation of the baby boomers / gen x / gen y (Millennial Generation) all seemingly working well together. Scratch a little and often one hears about:

  • How the younger generation is not committed or serious about their work

  • For them their gadgets are more important than the seriousness of the role

  • Seniors are perceived to be dictatorial & biased

  • Hierarchy has different meaning for each generation

Besides the AGE related aspects of Generational Diversity, there are role & hierarchy challenges employees are battling with.

While on the face of it everyone is trying to strike a good work relationship, fact is all are treading on thin ice, and this impacts productivity

  • Our programme EKSUNG addresses these challenges in a joyful & non-threatening manner

  • Addresses REAL issues through dialogue & conversation

  • Explores the nuances of the generations