Innovative Methodologies

With the percentage of millennia’s in offices increasing, it is becoming critical to engage them through mediums which are less directive & intrusive/ more engaging & subtle to allow them to understand layered subjects from a different lens.

Our innovative methodologies address this need

Innovative methodologies can be used for grooming talent in the areas of Leadership: Unconscious Bias: Presentation Skills: Diversity & Inclusion: Self Mastery: Innovation & Creativity etc. Some are listed below:

  • Theatre: In various formats – professional actors - participants as actors using playback/ street play/ freeze/ Improvisation techniques

  • Scenario Playing: 4 to 5 narratives per scenario with twists & turns to determine the likelihood of future success or failure for different strategic options

  • Story Telling: Engaging leadership through stories

  • Deep Dive: Technique for discovering the infinity inside

  • Gamification: Tech-Games: Field Games: Group Cooking

  • Art/ Poetry: To express/ engage and learn

  • Dance Therapy: Body movement

  • Beat Boxing and Body Percussion

  • Film/ Video Logs

  • Peer Therapy