Kiran Gulrajani
Kiran Gulrajani
Kiran Gulrajani is the founder and Chief Ecological Officer of CoEvolve (
He is a Leadership facilitator and coach who has developed hundreds of training entrepreneurs and business leaders through his programs, ‘Tao of Facilitation’ (open for all) and Co-creative Leadership (for businesses).

He has 23 years of experience in the field of marketing and sales- 8 years- (HCL & ITC Packaging), learning & leadership development- 3 years (Pragati Learning, now, Pragati Leadership) and consciousness-centred leadership & facilitator development and building communities- 12 years (as founder of Eternale Learning and then, CoEvolve). He is a B.Tech from IIT Bombay(1986) & an MBA from XLRI Jamsghedpur (1990).

Kiran’s gift is to connect with and enable greatness in inspired professionals in his own and other fields thus building a vibrant ecosystem. An ecology of close to 100 facilitators who in turn are developing leaders. His work is aligned to tenets of Conscious Capitalism esp. Conscious Leadership and Multi-Stakeholder Synergy. His work enables, what Dr. Raj Sisodia shares in his path-breaking book, ‘Firms of Endearment’ as significant trends in business- bringing balance by evoking the aspect of the heart, creativity and spirit in people and organizations.

Because of his vision and work he now serves as a Director on the Board of Edumedia ( to enable them to leverage and evolve the ecosystems and bring deeper consciousness in their business.

As an associate of Tatva Leadership, Kiran brings the gift of co-creation, incredible connections and deep transformation through consciousness-centered leadership - above all, evoking magnificence in people. His recent work in building communities – of learning (e.g. Learning Societies) and of facilitators (e.g. ChittaSangha) brings a unique dimension to Tatva.

Since 1996, his programs have touched people in dozens of leading companies & thousands of people across diverse sectors including Banking & Finance, IT, FMCG, Automotive, Service Sectors and more. Organisations like Sigma Electric, Cisco, Oracle, SKF, P&G, RSB, Johnson & Johnson and others. His work has touched the lives of several CEOs and functional heads and has been appreciated by global audiences (USA, Singapore, Nepal).

He is deeply inspired by Lao Tsu, Ramana Maharshi and Byron Katie. Kiran’s work integrates the best of eastern and western wisdom. He has been certified as a facilitator and coach by several world class professionals like Peter Senge and Dr. Demartini.

Reach Kiran at:
Mobile: +91-9823969473