For Whom
We believe the Tatva of leadership is present in all people.


Leadership is not a buzzword.

Your leadership will determine the type of culture that drives your organisation. At Tatvã the journey of leadership begins with the discovery of one’s own self by continuously seeking within.

We have realized that the best leaders are ones who can think and act as whole beings and be conduits to support people to tap their own power. They make choices based on passion and authenticity, exhibit great character and deliver great results.

From our own experience, research of leadership authors and best practices of successful companies, we believe Leadership is an amalgamation of:

  • Looking Inwards: Tatvã of Personal Mastery

  • Looking Outwards: Globalisation and its challenges

  • Connecting: On a foundation of Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing: Engagement & Enrolment

  • Delivering: Execution Mastery

We develop Leadership competence through a three-part process:

First, we facilitate the process of enabling individuals to deep dive into their Tatvã (core) and discover their potential.

Second, We enable them to build the skills and competencies to scale new heights

Third, We coach them to develop a leadership pipeline to enable a sustainable future