Leadership Exploration & Development

For Whom
Upper middle management and senior management

Effectiveness Parameters

  • 8 - 12 months in duration

  • 5 learning modules

  • Robust process of action learning projects

  • Immediate supervisor as a coach

  • Executive coaching by certified leadership coaches

  • Strong sustainability methods supported by pre & post impact measurement

  • Methodology builds in deep reflections on personal behaviours & awakens individuals to move from control to empowerment


Angela Vorobeva, Usain Bolt, Sachin Tendulkar. Three names of people who did something spectacular in their sport by setting new records for people to aspire towards.

The world needs leaders who can break records and disrupt the status quo. But to go high one must dive deep.

Our flagship program LEAD, is designed with this need in mind. We take potential leaders on a reflective journey from the inside to the outside or as we like to call it: from roots to fruits.

As a consequence of this immersive process we have seen the following outcomes:

  • Shift in mind-sets: Reasoning to Inspiring

  • New cultures of informal interactions / creative explorations for doing things differently / challenging to keep creative tension alive

  • Honouring mind-sets of diversity & inclusion

  • Living the values of cross functional synergy / transparency / fairness

This is imbibed through the themes of:

  • Looking Inward-The Tatv√£ of Personal Mastery

  • Looking Outward-Globalization and its challenges

  • Connecting-On a foundation of Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing-Engagement And Enrolment

  • Delivering-Execution Mastery