Management Development

Management Development
Enhancing Organisational Effectiveness through
Professional Management
Management Development has become critical in today’s environment. Companies that align management development to their business and strategic plans are more successful than those that leave people to manage by themselves. When we support managers during their transition from managing self to managing others, we enhance their productivity and lay the foundation for talent development.

The focus of this programme is to equip the manager with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to ensure smooth execution, both in terms of people and process management.

Indicative contents:
  • Understanding the Managerial Role
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Effective Communication
  • Managing Time (reviews, meetings, tracking, delegating)
  • Execution Skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Team Working
Management Development Programme is offered in two formats:
  • Modular over    3 – 4 months or
  • Integrated over 3 – 5 days
The implementation process would include Identification of competencies required to be a professional manager, Action Learning Projects and Impact Measurement.