Nikita Mittal is a trained dancer and dance therapist with over 6 years of experience as a practicing Physiotherapist. She has been working with corporates using her unique offering of Leadership Through Dance.

Having established herself as a medical practitioner, Dr. Nikita turned to dance therapy in 2009 and went on to study Dance Therapy from Kinections, New York with Dr. Danielle Fraenkel. She then moved to Pune to unveil her own Dance Academy. She believes that dance is a great way to increase an individual’s overall physical and emotional well-being.


Her body of work includes:


  • She strongly believes that through the easily understood metaphor of dance, her sessions inspires creativity, releases stress, encourage trust and collaboration, increase confidence and build team spirit.


A broad base of experience with clients including


ICICI Lombard


Bharti AXA


OMNI Hospitals