There is nothing more important to Dr. Doris than being a catalyst for elevating the levels of respect, compassion and effectiveness in individual, team and organizational interactions. She is committed to facilitating authentic business growth and success. She loves to utilize NLP’s immediacy, practicality and powerful long-term effects. Her passion is to contribute to a more peaceful, respectful and conscious world

She is a:

  • Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, and Counsellor, Germany
  • Master Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Master of Hypnotherapy; Language Specialist
  • Wellness Educator and Business Consultant
  • Internationally Recognised Expert in Communication and Leadership

She specialises in subjects like Conflict Management, Leadership, Team Enhancement, Stress and Time Management, and Customer Service. She certifies in Emotional Intelligence, NLP Facilitator, Master and Trainer Trainings. She is one of four NLP Master Trainers in the world from the original Society of NLP, USA. Her trainings are highly experiential, entertaining and fun. Her educational background, Doctoral and Trainer thesis all focused on how thought language and emotion create the patterns for success. She has studied with some of the greatest communication experts in the world which made her develop the mind-set, skills and behaviors necessary to produce specific and measureable training results in organisations

She has a vast cultural background having worked and lived in many countries throughout her career. She has been active part of “Women Entrepreneur” in USA and her passion is to contribute to same in India. Her love for people and passion for communication are the foundation of her ability to overcome diversity and create cooperation. Her style is generous, kind and humorous.