For Whom
Identified high potentials with experience of 5+ years

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Customized to the organisations and Futuristic Leadership needs

  • Experienced consultants with track record of empowering individuals to imbibe new attitudes and skills

  • Methodologies which are reflective versus telling

Personal Excellence

Futuristic Leadership Essentials

At the outset, giving young potentials your attention and opportunity to succeed is the best way to ensure their movement on the professional ladder and eventually become the leaders of tomorrow.

This programme focuses on developing skills and attitudes most needed by young Individual contributors to move up the ladder and exhibit personal excellence…

Personal Excellence is the ability to fully realize and utilize one’s potential in all walks of life

This programme addresses:

~ Foundational elements of Leadership Skills

  • Leadership of the 21st century

  • Attitudes of excellence

  • Difference between managing and leading

~ Creating your Signature Presence

  • My dreams and aspirations

  • Stress and health

  • Power of influencing

~ Interpersonal Skills

  • Managing interpersonal conflict

  • Working with diversity

~ Effective Team Work

  • Learning to work as a team member

  • Win-win orientation