For Whom
Women professionals with 2 - 5 years of work experience

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Addresses women challenges

  • Customised to women & their reality

  • Male & female facilitators

  • Post program support for behavioural development

SAKSHI- Witness

(Awakening Women to their Personal Power)

Neha is a young executive; she has been working for about two years. The first year was great fun, but off late she is beginning to feel weighed down by the demands that are made on her at the personal & professional front. Besides doing a lot of work at home, she also feels that at times she loses out on opportunities at work because she is a woman. When she discusses this with other colleagues she finds that they are in the same dilemmas. Now the looming question in her mind is -“ what shall I choose; work or family”?

Our programme SAKSHI focusses on supporting women to make these decisions in the early stage of their life.

The objective is to empower women to their potential by looking at three main areas:

  • Purpose: Why do you do what you do?

  • Principles: How will you do what you want to do?

  • Performance: How do you know you are doing well?

Women develop skills & competencies which support them to navigate through obstacles and prepare themselves for the next rung of professional growth. Key topics covered include navigating the career path & aspirations - working through dual role syndrome - societal pressures - Beliefs - working through fear - making choices and standing by them.