Team Bonding

Team Bonding
Creating Magic through Individual Alignment
In his article “Teams in the 21st century: how do we define their role?” Meredith Beblin says that with formal structures increasingly falling into disrepute, new dynamic concepts are beginning to take their shape. First, it is being recognised as dysfunctional that membership of any given team should remain static. Second, perspectives within the team need to be widened.

The bedrock of traditional hierarchy is being continuously undermined with more and more companies moving to working in task force formats as a rule rather than an exception.

Ensuring trust and togetherness within the team becomes every leader’s challenge and an opportunity.

The focus of this programme is to create a shared understanding that various talents available within the team can be leveraged for individual and organisational gains.

Indicative contents:
  • Bonding and appreciating diversity
  • Co-creating a shared Vision and Values
  • Interpersonal Team Dynamics
  • Understanding cross-functional roles and expectations
  • Bonding and enjoying each other’s company
This programme is offered in various customized formats.

The implementation process would include MBTI Team Mapping, Outdoor Structured Activities, Adventure, Live Sessions, Reviews and Action Learning Projects.

Other Programmes
  • Top / Senior management team bonding
  • Function-wise team building for evolving common goals
  • Cross-functional team sessions to work across silos
  • Large group (100-150 people) team synergising sessions
  • Annual retreat / sales events across large groups
  • Junior & Middle Management team building workshops