For Whom
All members of a Functional Team

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Customised

  • 360° Mapping / Belbin Team Roles

  • Personal Action Plans

  • Individual & Group Coaching

  • Measurement Indices for Impact

Teaming for Results

When Starbucks had a tough quarter the then CEO, Howard Schultz, knew that something was wrong. In his opinion, Starbucks had strayed from the core essential character. To deal with the downturn a turnaround in thinking was much required.

What Mr. Schultz and his team did then played a very important role in Starbucks turnaround strategy.

They took a break from their daily schedules. They booked a loft in Seattle. They sat around connecting with one another and finding an answer together to one single question:

“What makes our team unique at every level of business?”

Our flagship program aims to introduce teams to the following values and to help them come up with processes that would bring about these values in every individual:

  • Feel safe enough to take personal risks

  • Be dependable to deliver great work on time

  • Plan out WHO does what and WHAT has to be done

  • Find the personal meaning in the work and be sure it matter