Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer
Developing Internal Capacity within the organisation
While learning and development initiatives with outsourced experts is one way of building competencies, research has shown that Internal Trainers are far more impactful in building the learning culture in any organisation.

Every organisation has a number of passionate individuals who have a natural flair for being coaches, trainers and facilitators.

The advantage internal facilitators have is the ability of aligning theoretical concepts with actual organisational issues / challenges / success stories. This makes learning more practical and tangible. The other big advantage of training Internal Trainers is that it is economically a more viable option.

Our Train the Trainer programmes aim at working with these individuals to develop their necessary skills for effective facilitation.

We offer this programme at two levels:
  • Facilitation Skills for New Trainers
  • Advanced Facilitator programme

Facilitation Skills for New Trainers
This interactive workshop is intended for new Trainers who want to develop and/or improve their facilitation skills.

Indicative contents:
  • Facilitation: Concept, Practice, Behaviours and Attitudes
  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • How to Plan a Session
  • How to Facilitate / Conduct a Session
  • How to Close a Session
  • Learning Process: ADDIE Model (overview)
  • Creative Learning Methodologies

Advanced Facilitator programme
This proven and well-received workshop is intended for facilitators with a minimum of 5 years of experience in facilitation.

Indicative contents:
  • Facilitation: Concept, Practice, Behaviours and Attitudes
  • Principles of Adult Learning (Engagement Model)
  • The Tatvã of Personal Mastery
  • Group Dynamics
  • Interpersonal Mastery (Listening, Conflict, Assertiveness, Giving & Receiving Feedback)
  • Learning & Development process
    • ADDIE Model
    • Instructional Design Principals
    • Setting Objectives
    • Designing Training Programmes
    • Training Methodologies
  • Documentation
  • Focus & Control
  • Facilitating Sessions
Both the programmes are offered in two formats:

Generic programme of 5 days with after-programme support through live shadowing and individual coaching of the participants.

Preparing facilitators for delivery of large scale roll out of a specific intervention across the organisation. We would support the organisation in: selecting the Trainers, creating a Customised Package, Training the Trainers for delivering the specific content, support through Live Shadowing and Individual Coaching to ensure effective delivery and Impact Measurement.