For Whom

All employees across hierarchies & position

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Theatre based Learning which used customised bespoke scenes

  • Behavioural facilitators who will use drama as a springboard to discussions, reflective thinking techniques to overcome own barriers

  • Clear Action Plans

  • Professional actors who will mirror the culture of the organisation

  • High intensity short 4 hour sessions with upto 100 participants per session


Making a Difference With “DIFFERENT”

“I want to be judged for my work & nothing else”

“Respect my role!”

“I am not only a cast, a creed, a religion, a nationality, a skin colour or an age. I am also a contributor to this company. When I come to work, recognise me for the latter.”

“My lifestyle is different from those of my male counterparts. I have work and I have my kids. I am not asking for pass on the quality of my work. I am asking that my manager give me the space to decide how I can make that quality happen. The results will be the same, but the manner slightly different.”

People are different. Their needs are different. Their contexts are different. But the question that these conversations have led us to ask is, “Why don’t we harness ‘different’ instead of trying to extinguish it?”

DRISHTI is our foundational workshop which aims to nurture inclusive mind-sets in organisations. These mind sets respect and celebrate diversity in every form: gender, generational, cultural. These mind-sets know that ‘cutting edge’ organisational performance & innovation is impossible without diversity.

How do we develop the inclusive mind-set?

  • We found out what inclusion means to you and introduce you to world views

  • We explore the effect of the unconscious in the decisions we make

  • We dive into the root causes of inclusion blockers: stereotyping, labelling, discrimination

  • We guide a journey inwards to reflect on our own biases and identify our own blocks

  • We enquire into the impact on organisational situations e.g.: work allocation, mentoring, job selection, feedback etc.