For Whom
Different Programmes for women at the Junior / Middle & Senior Management Levels

Women Leadership

Take a minute to consider the following graph:

It establishes two trends quite clearly:

  • The pipeline for women starts small and

  • The pipeline continues to shrink

Furthermore, a report by Credit Suisse Research Institute identified India as having the second lowest representation of women at the senior management level in the Asia Pacific region, behind Japan and South Korea (SARASWATHY, M, 2016.)

The truth is we need more women leaders.


Because a majority of women leaders are naturally inclined to think sustainable, and sustained growth is the new successful in today’s economy.

How do we make a difference?

Over the last eight years we have researched & studied the sceneries deeply to identify the genesis of the challenge. While there are many stakeholders in this from Society / Government / Families & Self, our focus has been to focus on the self and creating a thriving environment. Accordingly we have created reflective & impactful interventions to address these challenges at different levels in the organisation.

  1. DRISHTI: Seeding a mindset for creating a fair playing field at the Generational / Gender / Cultural levels (All Levels)

  2. SAKSHI: Awakening women to their Personal Power (Junior Management)

  3. CHINMAYEE: Grooming talented women for Leadership positions (Middle Management)

  4. Sponsorship / Executive Coaching: Preparing women for Top Management positions (Senior Management)