For Whom
Cross functional teams

Effectiveness Parameters

  • Deep Diagnostics

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Sustainability of the Actions

  • Metrics for Measurement of Impact

Working Beyond Barriers

Everything seemed great with our client, an international vehicle manufacturer. They had a great product which had taken the market by storm and were the darlings of their customer segment.

However, they had a unique problem. Their infrastructure was setup to meet the high demand, but they just could not meet the numbers on time. Their timeliness metrics was in the red and the top management was worried.

We started our conversations up, down and across. And we found the problem. It was across.

The departments connected to the process line were failing to communicate important information to one another due to issues with trust, process and accountability.

Through our WBB intervention, we helped uncover these barriers and identify clear action plans of working through them.