“Theatre based corporate training”

Theatre has the power to depict stark and true reality in a fascinating manner that evokes strong responses of delight, recognition, hope, at times grief and sadness. In a very short duration of time theatre has the power to create stronger connection between the people who experience it. Theatre Based Corporate Training is a process which combines real work place situations with dramatic performances to raise the awareness of employees through education & reflection. As a powerful medium of communication, theatre based corporate training creates an unforgettable experience, which inspires debate, exchange of ideas and touches the root of human behavior, by accessing emotions and imagination. This heightened awareness enhances the capability to initiate individual and collective action for change. Using Theatre in corporate training and development is not about creating actors but about giving people skills which can be used in life and for business. Taking improv techniques from the theatre and applying them within an organisational or business context opens the door to experimentation with a variety of scenarios.

    Why Theatre based Corporate Training

  • A “wholesome experience” as it works at the intellectual, conscious & subconscious levels
  • Independent evaluation of life events and choices versus prescriptive approach in traditional training environments
  • Theatre based corporate training method provides a safe, anonymous environment allowing for experimentation
  • Subtle representation of facts versus stark representation in role plays
  • Theatre based corporate training is an exciting & involving process which stimulates alternate points of view
  • Impact of a decision is showcased immediately
  • Everyone is a critic and everyone is a solution provider
  • Theatre based corporate training is highly economical in terms of cost & time

    • Where Is Theatre Based Corporate Training Effective

  • Change Management : illustrate change, create readiness, break initial resistance
  • For depicting different leadership styles and consequences of the same
  • Behavioural Adaptation: Consequences of different behaviors on individuals & organizations
  • Leadership Development: Influencing, conflict, communication, team development
  • Communicating key messages to frontline managers/ middle management
  • Rollout of Vision & Values
  • Personal Challenges
  • Generational Aspects: Communication, Behavioral differences, Mindsets, Unconscious biases across generations
  • Cultural Aspects
  • Gender Aspects (stereotyping, conscious and unconscious biases, mindset differences, communication styles and their implications)

    • Theatre based corporate training methodology is impactful because it results in:

  • An Independent evaluation of life events and choices that impact the participants work and professional behaviour
  • Theatre based corporate training evokes emotion in the learners which leads to deeper learning
  • Identification of better behaviours by the participants, especially since they are observing from a safe environment
  • Deep emotional connect with the dramatized situation that promotes a deepened understanding and improved retention of the presented material
  • A wholistic blended learning experience as it involves the engagement of multiple intelligences like Spatial, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Lingual and Intrapersonal
  • An innovative method ofidentifying and surfacing unconscious biases
  • Theatre based corporate training has an added advantage of being highly economical both in terms of cost and time.